Why Third Way Health

Want to know why some of the biggest & best healthcare brands in the country are switching to Third Way Health?

We firmly believe that outsourcing should improve business operations, not just save money

We’ve built our business on a foundation of

People + Processes + Tech

Third Way Health joins the best people
with a rigorous process to create a solution
that patient-first healthcare brands
in the world want to switch to.


Over the past decade, we’ve honed our expertise by crafting outsourced solutions for Fortune 100 companies. This experience has culminated in creating our proprietary system, designed to meticulously comprehend, learn, implement, and improve your business processes.


At Third Way Health, we prioritize quality over cost. Our team is composed of the industry’s finest professionals, selected not for being the most affordable, but for their ability to deeply comprehend your processes, connect with your customers on a meaningful level, and propel your business forward, seamlessly and without the usual hassles. The majority of our team members hold four-year degrees, with a significant number specializing in healthcare operations.


As a technology focused company, we think a lot about how good tech can enable great results.
Our tech approach is two-fold.
      1. We build tech to power or augment our client work on both front and back office processes.
      2. We integrate with and are trained on the most popular healthcare software around.

We are different…

Our commitment to healthcare goes beyond a mere business unit; it’s the heart and soul of our company. With profound expertise in healthcare processes, a team trained specifically in healthcare disciplines, and leadership with extensive executive experience in the sector, we are wholly dedicated to advancing healthcare outcomes.

US Time zones

Our calls are handled in Medellin, Colombia, and our headquarters are in Los Angeles and Boston.

Trained on your software

Our representatives are fully trained on best-in-class healthcare software, so we can effortlessly plug into your business.

Constant Improvement

We have ongoing training efforts for new efficiencies, new workflows, and new software.
Our quality assurance efforts include spot checking calls, random quizzing, and customer complaint escalation.
We employ a full-time English coach to provide advanced fluency development.

A great place to work

We provide free gym memberships to all staff, a beloved benefit that is incredibly rare in Colombia.
We’ve built a modern office that enables our representatives to do their best work in.
We offer above-average wages compared to local rates to attract and retain top-tier talent.

1,000,000 +

calls handled


cost savings


of clients have expanded
scope with us

Enterprise data privacy, security, and business continuity are integral to our business model

  • HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant
  • All data resides in the US
  • User and field-level permission sets and audit history
  • PHI is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Daily backups
  • All logins require two-factor authentication
  • Data fraud and theft prevention
  • 24-hour power back-up
  • Internet service provider redundancy

“When I test and call in, I feel like I’m getting the royal treatment”


Let’s work

We’re experts in Healthcare operations. If you’re ready to save money and reduce your administrative burden, contact us today.